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Wooden Pallet and Packing Case for Model Traction Engine

Alban Cases were commissioned with the packing and delivery of a working scale model of a traction engine.

The first stage of any commission like this is to evaluate the weight and dimensions of the item and design a wooden case the offers maximum protection for the cargo. In this instance, it was important that the structure of the case limited rotation of the engine’s wheels. Our solution was to add battens to the supporting wooden pallet; these acted as chocks and helped to keep the engine firmly in place throughout transit. While it’s vital to consider the security of any item we’re packing, it’s also essential that we always remain mindful of the safety of staff such as forklift operators and delivery crew responsible for manoeuvring what is a very heavy item over the course of its journey.

Alban Cases pride ourselves on our commitment to safety, which is why companies as diverse as McLaren, Kodak and Bonhams choose us as suppliers of wooden cases and shipping crates for valuable items.

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