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Choosing the Right Case for you

Wooden Packing Cases and Crates for Sale

Our custom-made plywood wooden packing crates are carefully designed to offer the most appropriate level of protection for any product of any shape or size.

No case is too big, no order too small.
Wooden packing crates

Wooden Packing Cases for Export and Storage

Presentable sturdy plywood packing cases with international handling stencil makings along with our accredited Forestry Commission (GB) registration number FC0624

Typically our plywood cases are manufactured with 9mm plywood and  25 x 75mm softwood batons , but we can offer various thickness of timber and plywood to meet all your requirements.

The bases are constructed to suit the weight and distribution of the item being packed with the option of fully boarded softwood between 18-50mm thick with forklift runners and bearers.

Wooden Case Features

  • Removable sides and lids for ease of packing

  • Reusable crate for multiple use

  • All forms of internal packaging available. Crate waterproofing, foil Bags for sensitive equipment and much more

  • Manufactured using ISPM 15 compliant wooden materials allowing our clients and theirs to ship packages between countries throughout the world

  • Suitable for all modes of transport, UK & Worldwide

  • Economical and cost-effective

Wooden shipping crates for export and transportation

Timber wood cases are ideal for export. The fully-enclosed sides, ends and lid ensure that any items packed in the case are fully protected from the elements of transportation.

specialist wooden crates

Custom-made cases for specialist purposes such as exhibition storage or the transportation of multiple items.