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Choosing the Right Wooden Case for you

Quality Wooden Packing Crates & Cases For Sale

Wooden Cases Ideal for Shipping and Storage

Our custom-made wooden shipping crates and quality wooden packing cases are manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each customer. No wooden case or crate is too big, no order too small. Whatever item you need to store, ship or protect, our team of expert case-makers can manufacture a wooden case to meet the demands of the job.

wooden packing cases and crates in a stack
wooden packing case and woodworking machine

Plywood cases are commonly used for air-freight cargo because of their light and sturdy construction. Typical plywood thickness can range from 9mm to 18mm to meet your specific requirements. These are our most popular wooden cases, offering a good balance of protection and cost.

Our wood packing cases are light and sturdy

They are ideal for airfreight and transportation by road

Plywood cases are economical and cost-effective

Wooden shipping crates for export and transportation

Timber wooden shipping cases are ideal for export. The fully-enclosed sides, ends and lid ensure that any items packed inside the case are fully protected from the elements of transportation. These wooden crates are popular for long-term storage and shipping large, heavy items.

Extremely durable and hardwearing wooden crates

These crates feature fully enclosed sides & ends

Ideal for heavier items or oversized items

specialist wooden crates

Our custom-made wooden cases are designed and built for specialist purposes such as exhibition storage or the transportation of multiple items. As with all our cases, they are ISPM 15 compliant and design to be used multiple times.

These cases are designed to be reusable

Specialist wooden cases can be foam-lined for shipment of fragile goods

Screwed or bolted for ease of assembly

Making the perfect

We filmed one of our expert casemakers as they set about the process of making a wooden packing case to a customer’s specification.

Watch the video to learn more about what it takes to build a quality wooden case. 

Click here to learn more about the process of making wooden cases.

Screwing sides together in construction of wooden packing case
Play Video about Screwing sides together in construction of wooden packing case