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Internal Packing

Alban Cases has an extensive range of high-quality packaging products for different applications to ensure your goods are fully protected from damage during transit and worldwide shipping.

Our internal packaging designs are commensurate with the weight, volume, value and fragility of the consignments, and feature characteristics allowing cargo to endure the rigours of handling on the chosen mode of transport.

Our mobile packing teams provide further options for export packing at client’s premises, anywhere in the UK, in circumstances where they prefer equipment to leave their own facility fully protected and packed for transport.

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The Range of Internal Packing Materials

Polythene Liner

The optimum solution for keeping your items dry during transit.

3D Barrier Foil Bags

Barrier foil bags are a suitable corrosion prevention solution for any moisture sensitive item.

Polyurethane Foam

Available in Standard, Antistatic or Flame Retardant with or without self adhesive.

Plastozote Foam

Cross link plastazote block foams are a top end high quality foam and available in different colours.

Foam Moulding

A process that produces specifically designed cushions for ultimate protection and efficiency.

Stratocell Foam

High Performance Packaging Foam. Our most popular foam packaging material.