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Are Wooden Crates Eco-Friendly?

Alban Cases are committed to ensuring our products leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. By using wooden cases and crates, our customers can make their own contribution to a more sustainable future for the planet.

Where does the wood used in the construction of wooden crates, come from?

All our wood is sourced from sustainable UK plantations, carefully managed by the Forestry Commission.

The Forestry Commission puts sustainability at the heart of their approach to managing the UK’s forests, balancing the requirement for harvested timber with the regeneration of healthy, thriving woodland. They are the organisation responsible for monitoring tree disease and pest control, the issue of felling licenses and the stewardship of the UK’s forests and woodland.

Are wooden crates good for the environment?

Timber from a sustainable source remains one of the most environmentally-friendly materials for the production of a vast range of products.

Longevity and lifespan of wooden crates and cases

Unlike some plastic, wood is naturally strong and durable, so Items made from timber can last a long time. Our wooden cases are designed to be re-used multiple times and to withstand the rigours of shipping to destinations worldwide.

Products made from sustainable wood reduce waste

After a tree is felled, it is sawn at the sawmill. Every part of the tree is cut into pieces, and used to produce a wide range of different products. The largest piece, the trunk, is sawn into boards, planks and posts for building and making furniture. Branches are often chipped and compressed to make boards for flooring or pulped for paper and cardboard. Even by products such as sawdust and bark are useful as a source of fuel for wood fires, animal bedding and the woodchip you might see at your local garden centre.

The construction of wooden crates uses less energy than alternative sources...and wooden cases are recyclable

Moulded plastic cases require more energy to produce than wooden cases. In addition, recycling plastic products is a less energy-efficient process than that for the recycling of items made from wood. Largely, plastic products are non-repairable, while our wooden crates and cases can be restored to full working order if they are damaged.

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